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Who We Are

A letter from our Founders

Erol was founded on lessons learned from the past. While human activities create social progress, they generate important externalities and inequalities that need to be addressed, today more than ever. After decades of environmental and social negligence from business, governments and society at large, Erol is our attempt to correct the course while we still have time.

Our support for this work comes with a heavy dose of humility. We are not experts. We are not practitioners. We do not attempt to prescribe solutions. Instead, we rely on a network of trusted advisors and peers to help us source and fund projects that will make an impact…fast. Because what we are, is impatient! And we know that today’s challenges will pale in comparison with tomorrow’s.

To that end, we believe a holistic approach to social change is necessary. Treating the most visible symptoms of global consumption — deforestation, poaching, pollution, poverty — will only slow its devastating effects. We also need to understand the root causes and have the courage to address them head on.

Bottom line: it’s time to completely rethink how we live on this planet, and how we value its resources. And we invite you to join us.

Julie & Sebastien

"It's time to completely rethink how we live on this planet, and how we value its resources."

Our Approach

Impatient Investment

While we know systems change often takes years or even decades to realize, on so many issues, we believe the time is NOW. We look for projects that leverage a critical moment in time, where rapid change is expected. Erol has realigned our funding to support projects with a 1-2 year social return on investment.

Proactive Partnership

We employ a proactive approach to grantmaking and are intentional about each individual funding decision. Relying on both internal resources and external networks, we do the active work to find the projects and partners that align with our strategy. Our role is to be an enabler and an accelerator, providing financial support and learning what we can to improve future grantmaking and facilitate fruitful connections along the way.

Accountability in Action

Once we enter into a partnership, we collaborate with our grantees to determine the most appropriate metrics and milestones for measuring success within the terms of our grant. Our aim is to learn alongside our partners, celebrating key accomplishments and digging in to understand inevitable failures. We build accountability into our process every step of the way.

Global Gains

Erol is a non-profit organization with a global scope and special interest in emerging and developing countries. Our projects are selected with this perspective in mind.

Our Team

Julie & Sébastien Lépinard
Julie & Sébastien Lépinard
Julie and Sébastien created Erol and are the main drivers of its mission, guiding principles and core funding areas. They actively engage with the foundation's partners and advise its management on strategy and grant decisions.
Jill Kauffman Johnson
Jill Kauffman Johnson
Managing Director
Jill leads the Erol team in its strategic, philanthropic, and collaborative efforts to support and invest in exceptional organizations and leaders.
Andrea Villagómez Martínez
Andrea Villagómez Martínez
Research and Grants Associate
Andrea identifies global issues and organizational trends that align with Erol’s mission; and she conducts the research necessary to inform the Foundation’s funding decisions.
Fondation EROL (Erol) is incorporated as a charitable foundation under Swiss law and has its registered office in Geneva, Switzerland, registry #CH-660.3.315.011-8. The foundation operates under the supervision of the Surveillance Fédérale des Fondations (Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations) of the Département Fédéral de L'Intérieur (Federal Department of the Interior) in Bern, Switzerland.