Sustainable Environmental Systems

It is possible to create a future where human activity restores rather than depletes natural capital, and where economic viability co-exists with environmental conservation.

For leaders, citizens and institutions to put in place the required systems and governance to manifest such a future, it will take listening, the ability to hold multiple perspectives, innovation, boldness, perseverance, and the capacity to learn from experience.

The Erol Foundation believes in a bottom-up approach to change, where community knowledge, wisdom and leadership drive holistic solutions relevant to local priorities and contexts. While there is no one-size-fits-all model to build sustainable and resilient systems, connecting community practitioners – person to person, with each other and with people in research, policy and governance – is a practical and powerful way to scale positive change.

The foundation supports compelling projects that embody these traits. With a special interest in countries with emerging and developing economies, we consider projects in a broad range of issues related to sustainability, including but not limited to:

  • Food systems and sustainable management of agriculture
  • Sustainable management of natural resources

Community-generated disaster recovery plans and projects are also considered under this priority.

Research and thinking on new models for sustainable growth, governance, and building political and public will are emerging interests of the foundation.

Funding Priorities

The foundation is currently evaluating its funding priorities for this area. Check back soon.

Other Funding Areas

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