Trauma Relief for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Published on May 31, 2017

Upon hearing report after heartbreaking report, Erol Foundation’s co-founders decided to take action in support of the millions of Syrian refugees forced to flee their homes from ongoing conflict.  For those who survive the migration, many have been separated from their families, witnessed extreme violence and devastation, faced starvation and now must confront the prospect of starting over in a new country.

Among refugees’ most immediate needs are shelter, food, health care, clothing and other essentials.  Often overlooked, however, is the deep trauma affecting this population and how it impacts their ability to resettle, assimilate and begin to rebuild their lives.  In recognition of this harsh reality, Erol partnered with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) to provide refugees and their caregivers with the tools to begin lifting the trauma they carry.

In May 2017, CMBM delivered its first set of Mind-Body Skills Group training to 75 caregivers working directly with the refugee community in Jordan.  Erol co-founder Julie Lépinard attended the training and observed firsthand the power of this program.   The second training will take place in July, empowering these caregivers to host skills groups for several hundred refugees later this year and potentially thousands in years to come.

For more about the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, visit here.