Room to Read reaches 10 countries across Asia and Africa

Published on August 1, 2015


Room to Read offers a unique and highly effective approach to global impact. The organization focuses on a single region at a time and builds culturally conscious and socially impactful programming specific to that place. Since it was founded in 2000, Room to Read has made great strides to increase literacy for children everywhere.

The Reading & Writing Instruction Program continues to build its core staff, operations and outreach as it expands country to country. With a series of grants from Fondation Erol, Room to Read expanded its core program to Vietnam in 2012 and India in 2015.

The Vietnam Reading and Writing Instruction Program launched in Vinh Long province in early 2012. At the end of the last grant period, it served 558 students in 10 project schools with lessons on oral skills, reading comprehension and listening techniques.Those numbers continue to grow as the program rigorously monitors student progress to adjust teaching and learning strategies in the classroom, and ultimately to demonstrate impact.

The Erol-supported holistic Literacy Program in India will expand to the Raipur district of Chhattisgarh, and the organization has big goals for the newest addition to its programming. By 2018, Room to Read is expected to reach more than 70,000 new students across 380 new schools in India.

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