Nuru International expands to Ethiopia

Published on July 1, 2015


Nuru lives and breathes its core values and commitment to impact. This value pays off in tremendous poverty reduction on the ground. With a track record of success, Nuru maintains its values with each expansion of programming into a new region. The organization insists the staff must uphold the same standards and impact measurements as before.

The US-based nonprofit organization is committed to building locally-led programs wherever they work. Nuru’s website states, “A bunch of Westerners with good ideas can’t end extreme poverty–only gifted, equipped, and envisioned local leaders can.”

Recent program expansion into Ethiopia has been no exception. Ethiopia is Africa’s second-most populous nation, home to rural farming communities that experience harsh poverty, food insecurity and hunger associated with climate and political strife. Nuru shortlisted Ethiopia for its integrated development program in 2013. As soon as the model was validated and running sustainably in Kenya, Nuru staff began establishing key local partnerships in Ethiopia to make sure local leaders were willing and ready to bring the program to families in the most remote, rural villages.

With support from Erol and other international funders, Nuru applied lessons learned in Kenya to launch core programming in Ethiopia that addresses agriculture, financial inclusion, healthcare and education. The agriculture program strengthened its focus in 2015 and has exceeded impact goals for the year. Other programs gained traction and efficacy through strong partnerships with local leadership.

Nuru in the news:

Nuru’s long-term goal is to expand to fragile states within Africa in the coming years once organizational capabilities are in place. Erol’s renewed commitment through 2018 will support the team at Nuru as they continue to validate the model in new regions, identify new ground partnerships and scale existing programs sustainably.