Learning Journey Leads to New Collaborative Partners, Global Strategy

Published on November 1, 2015


In October 2014, members of Fondation Erol traveled to Dhaka to visit BRAC headquarters. The contingent traveled with BRAC program managers to both urban and rural program sites. Erol Co-Founder Julie Lépinard went with a select group of other current and potential donors on the Learning Journey, led by Amplifier Strategies. The trip focused on three areas of learning and exploration related to the Graduation approach: women & families, food & livelihood security and social inclusion.

The Journey ignited a desire to deepen our commitment to this globally significant project to eliminate extreme poverty around the world. We gained insight into operations on the ground and observe how technical assistance could expedite a push to scale Graduation approaches. Our deep respect for the work BRAC did in this pioneering effort strengthened our resolve to support their work and elevate the organization’s expertise in other places around the world.

Upon our return, with matching financial commitments from new philanthropic partners, we launched Uplift, a collaborative initiative designed to scale Graduation everywhere poverty exists. The Uplift initiative took our family foundation’s grant investment to a new level of engagement. We engaged our strategic partner, Amplifier Strategies to collaboratively create an intentional, time-bound, strategic approach to scaling Graduation programs worldwide.

We targeted places of deep need like Tanzania, Latin America and Haiti, and built our coalition with strategic partners in those regions. Amplifier has created breakthrough technologies for Uplift that will help partners in the field and to enhance collaboration across regions. BRAC launched PROPEL with support from Uplift as a resource for technical providers of the Graduation approach.

Most importantly, we’ve see first-hand the impact on the faces of women who have exited extreme poverty through the Graduation approach:

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