Erol Fondation

Fondation Erol was founded in 2011 by Julie Lepinard. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Fondation Erol has a global scope and a mission to support effective organizations and courageous leaders with the potential to move our world to a more sustainable, just and prosperous future.

Fondation Erol joined forces with a partner organization, Erol Foundation US, to expand our activities and capacities. For more information, please visit

Erol Fondation
Erol Fondation
Erol Fondation

The aims of Fondation Erol

  • To combat hunger
  • To combat poverty
  • To promote education
  • To promote environmental protection and long-term growth
  • To promote human rights

For information on our annual activities, please contact us at [email protected]

Fondation EROL (Erol) is incorporated as a charitable foundation under Swiss law and has its registered office in Geneva, Switzerland. The foundation operates under the supervision of the Surveillance Fédérale des Fondations (Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations) of the Département Fédéral de L’Intérieur (Federal Department of Home Affairs) in Bern, Switzerland.